Thursday, May 28, 2009

Preserving our memories

I cherish pictures and the memories that come with them. I first became interested in scrapbooking right before Brendon was born. Because I was a SAHM for quite a while when he was little I had time to scrapbook and be all crafty. For Kailee however, I work full-time and not even one single picture has yet to land on a piece of cardstock.

It isn't that I don't have the supplies. I've been a Close To My Heart consultant since 2002 and have built up quite a collection. No, I have more cardstock than one could ever need. I have more embellishments than one has things to embellish. And more ribbon than one could make the prettiest bows from. And my supplies are pretty well organized too. Each cardstock shade has it's own folder that also has coordinating background paper in it. I have the coordinating ink pads in the event I want to stamp on the scrapbook pages and a great assortment of stamps. All the cardstock, paper and ink pads are organized by season in the order they appear in the CTMH idea book. The stamps are organized by theme. I become a bit compulsive when it comes to organizing things like this-lol!

It's simply time. The lack of time really. Maybe I should go on a scrapbooking cruise someday-how cool is that?? Until then I think I will give myself little challenges to at least get Kailee's scrapbook STARTED. As of today I'm going to challenge myself to complete at least 2 pages by Sunday night. Anybody else want to join me?

I'm still very much upset over the fact that our camera must have fallen out of our stroller while we were at the March of Dimes walk on the 16th. It was our first time to participate and now we don't have the photos to remember the day. There was numerous other photos and videos that are now gone forever. :(


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  2. following from MBC. Hope to read some more.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you lost your camera. Once I read this I found mine a totally backed everything up just in case. As for scrapbooking I would love to organize a scrap party with my sister and a few of her girl friends but have never gotten around to it. So Good Luck on find time.

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