Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chocolate and Pebbles

I have to start this post with a little explanation...Kailee loves wrapped pieces of candy. She will hold it in her hands and sometimes just puts it in her mouth and lets it hang out. Quite funny to see. We started to realize that she loves to do this back in October when we had tons of candy in the house for Halloween. She was usually content just to hold it but now and then it would start to melt and she might get the slightest taste of some yumminess. Ü

I came home from work this past Monday (4/13) and before I was getting ready to head to a monthly Pampered Chef meeting Kailee became quite fussy. There wasn't much of anything that Bob or I could do to make her happy. She was diagnosed last Thursday with yet another ear infection so I began to wonder if she was in pain from that.

Well, she had been holding two chocolate marshmallow bunnies and a miniature Hershey's bar from Easter. She pretty much had a fit until I opened the little Hershey's bar and gave her a tiny piece of chocolate. Now trust me, it was a tiny piece (see the remaining bar) but she was thrilled with it!

Seeing that she was still fussy, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We made it about 75% of the way when she decided she didn't want to ride in her stroller anymore. We took turns carrying her and when we got near Brendon's elementary school she wanted to see the playground equipment. We have taken her there on occasion to play on the swings.

After swinging for a while she wanted to got down on the ground. Keep in mind that we were just going for a walk so all she had on was her little shirt. No pants, shorts or shoes. We finally gave in and she was thrilled to play with the pebbles.

After some more play with mommy and daddy...

Kailee was all smiles.

It just took some chocolate and pebbles...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Purple for Maddie

Almost one week ago a precious baby girl unexpectedly earned her angel wings. Madeline's "story" has taken the mommy blogs by storm and has made it a closer community. I can't tell you how many times I have had tear-filled eyes and cheeks reading others posts about her, seeing her adorable sweet face in pictures and reading her mothers blog. One may wonder how somebody you didn't even know could affect you in this way but once you have had a chance to "get to know" Maddie you will understand.

To learn more about Maddie please visit and There are literally over 400 blog posts. The online blogging community has turned purple and like thousands of others that never "knew" Maddie, Kailee and I will be wearing in purple tomorrow in honor of her.

Kailee and Brendon have had extra hugs and kisses these past several days. ♥

Beautiful weather

The weather today is gorgeous. There's only one problem with that though...I'm stuck inside a cubicle at work during the day! At least I can look at it this way-I'm lucky to have a window in my cubicle! I went out for a short bit during my lunch hour and it was just perfect. Not too hot and just a bit of wind. Our hibiscus flowers are in bloom and our grass is becoming more lush as we've had a tiny bit of rain recently.

Days like these make me wish over and over that I could stay at home with Kailee, like I did with Brendon when he was her age. On days like these I wish I could take her to the park and just hang out-mommy and baby. On days like these I wish I could take her for long walks around the neighborhood. On days like these I wish we could meet Brendon at school at the end of his school day. Kailee is always so excited to see her big brother. On days like these I wish Gran had been able to meet her newest great-grandchild. Spring was her favorite season.

Enjoy your beautiful day! Ü

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My sweet baby girl turns 1!

Yesterday, 4/8/09, was a big day for our family as Kailee turned 1. While I had been looking forward to the day there was also a big part of me that didn't want the day to come until several more months down the road. I just want her to stay tiny and be my little baby forever. She has such a sweet disposition to her that I (and everybody) love.

Bob and I picked her up from daycare early and we headed to Walmart. Kailee and Daddy had been at Walmart earlier in the week and he said she really liked one of the animated Elmo's. To our surprise she wasn't excited about it anymore. Long story short, what she was most thrilled about was a $3.00 pink rubber ball. She's quite simple to please.

We ended the evening with dinner at home with Brendon, Chris and Eddie. Bob grilled some short ribs and we had red rice, salad, carrots and avocado and delicious Hawaiian sweet bread (thank you Chris!). Dessert was lemon meringue pie (thank you Eddie!) and lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Kailee thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Chris brought her the cutest pink Kawasaki 4-wheeler. She's already mastered the buttons for different sounds. I'm glad our great friends were able to celebrate with us.

So until her next birthday, I will continue to cherish her days as my sweet little baby girl. ♥