Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chocolate and Pebbles

I have to start this post with a little explanation...Kailee loves wrapped pieces of candy. She will hold it in her hands and sometimes just puts it in her mouth and lets it hang out. Quite funny to see. We started to realize that she loves to do this back in October when we had tons of candy in the house for Halloween. She was usually content just to hold it but now and then it would start to melt and she might get the slightest taste of some yumminess. Ü

I came home from work this past Monday (4/13) and before I was getting ready to head to a monthly Pampered Chef meeting Kailee became quite fussy. There wasn't much of anything that Bob or I could do to make her happy. She was diagnosed last Thursday with yet another ear infection so I began to wonder if she was in pain from that.

Well, she had been holding two chocolate marshmallow bunnies and a miniature Hershey's bar from Easter. She pretty much had a fit until I opened the little Hershey's bar and gave her a tiny piece of chocolate. Now trust me, it was a tiny piece (see the remaining bar) but she was thrilled with it!

Seeing that she was still fussy, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We made it about 75% of the way when she decided she didn't want to ride in her stroller anymore. We took turns carrying her and when we got near Brendon's elementary school she wanted to see the playground equipment. We have taken her there on occasion to play on the swings.

After swinging for a while she wanted to got down on the ground. Keep in mind that we were just going for a walk so all she had on was her little shirt. No pants, shorts or shoes. We finally gave in and she was thrilled to play with the pebbles.

After some more play with mommy and daddy...

Kailee was all smiles.

It just took some chocolate and pebbles...


  1. so cute. i want to eat the rest of her chocolates:)

  2. Cute. A little chocolate makes everything better. I love this story and the happy family pictures.

  3. Wow! Your daughter looks just like my sister did at that age - which is to say adorable!

    I'm following your from the MBC Under 100 Club. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  4. What an adorable family!!
    I'm following from the MBC Under 100 Club too!

  5. Hope her ear infection goes away! Those ar not fun!

    Great blog, keep it up!!

    Came from MBC under 100 group. Come check out the mayhem!