Monday, April 13, 2009

Beautiful weather

The weather today is gorgeous. There's only one problem with that though...I'm stuck inside a cubicle at work during the day! At least I can look at it this way-I'm lucky to have a window in my cubicle! I went out for a short bit during my lunch hour and it was just perfect. Not too hot and just a bit of wind. Our hibiscus flowers are in bloom and our grass is becoming more lush as we've had a tiny bit of rain recently.

Days like these make me wish over and over that I could stay at home with Kailee, like I did with Brendon when he was her age. On days like these I wish I could take her to the park and just hang out-mommy and baby. On days like these I wish I could take her for long walks around the neighborhood. On days like these I wish we could meet Brendon at school at the end of his school day. Kailee is always so excited to see her big brother. On days like these I wish Gran had been able to meet her newest great-grandchild. Spring was her favorite season.

Enjoy your beautiful day! Ü

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  1. You are a good writer, a great mom and a wonderful person.